Toll Free Number – Green Number

We assist you in all the stages for the activation of your green number and we can manage all the phone calls with maximum efficiency and professionalism.

Whoever calls you will always want a prompt and professional response, we shall immediately email you all the information regarding the phone call and, if you wish, an additional SMS notification. This service allows you to fully manage the green number or to only manage the overflow, meaning only when you cannot answer or apart from your normal work schedule or during holidays and during night time.
A green number makes your company image more visible for the ones that do not know you.

It is an efficient tool which provides you contact (commercial contacts) or client assistance or it can also be used as an official number associated to your logo which will become more powerful.

The green number is also useful for other user services, for assistance organisations and for public services. Outsourcing the management of the green number means efficiency, flexibility and savings.


Article published on VOIPWEB.IT:
“One of the problems that a small or medium sized company usually comes across is not receiving the desired number of contacts. Money is spent on advertising, but the incoming phone calls are not as many as expected.

Therefore, it is necessary to make easier the action of the client that transform into a real “lead” (commercial contact) the advertising contact. “The green number” brings to the mind of the consumer the concept of “free call” which is always very strong. Actually, even though phone call costs are constantly getting smaller, people always react positively at the concept of “green number”. Often, the association of the own logo with the green number logo strengthens your image giving the sensation of solidity and structure.

What’s the cost of a green number? There are different green number service offers. Not all of them are very clear and sometimes they imply hidden costs. However, it is possible to activate a green number, if well advised, with fix and clear costs and then paying only the variable consumption.

FSP Global is specialized in offering assistance to small and medium-sized companies for the activation and management of green number. Moreover, the FSP Global can also manage the green number at very low prices, ensuring also a 24/7 service.

Or perhaps you are just too busy doing more things at the same time: all you have to do is ask FSP Global to manage your green number only for one hour. As an alternative, you can also choose to ask FSP Global to manage your green number during your lunch break, or in the evening or also during the night or holiday time. Therefore, any small or medium sized company can compete, with maximum flexibility, with all the large companies that have a much bigger organization and budget.”

Skype-me and chat-with-me

We can also realise and manage efficiently your Skype me service which shall allow you to be called immediately, via Skype, by your site’s visitors. We shall answer immediately right when the client is reading the pages of your website.

Moreover, we can also manage the service “chat-with-me”


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