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Elevate your Online Business with FSP Global’s eCommerce solution

Digital solutions that help businesses interact with customers and maintain an online presence are called e-commerce support services. These services range from online marketing to customer care, inventory management solutions, and fraud prevention services which contribute toward the security of your e-commerce operations and support. These services help businesses increase revenue, simplify processes, and reach more users.

Why we are the go-to Partner for both Large and Small Businesses 

E-commerce support services keep on growing and more businesses are searching for competent providers to help establish and manage e-commerce businesses. These companies offer a wide range of services and knowledge that can help drastically improve your brand’s exposure and revenues.

This article will explain why businesses choose FSP Global as their e-commerce provider, as well as the benefits of working with us. If you are looking to grow your business, digital technology has transformed the way companies work and e-commerce support services are among the key tools for businesses that want to expand their customer base.

To stay competitive, you should expand their use of e-commerce services. This article shares information on many e-commerce services, the advantages of FSP Global, and all our tips.

E-Commerce Assistance

FSP Global is a service provider of e-commerce solutions that delivers a wide range of services and tools that are customized to meet your needs. Our range of customer care services strives to assist your businesses in cultivating your customer service. 

Our thorough understanding of Freshdesk helps support teams to efficiently handle, prioritise, and resolve customer inquiries all in one location. Ticketing systems that forward requests from various channels to a team inbox. Your support Teams can examine ticket activity with the use of trend reports. Among the tools we use are Freshcaller and Freshchat features, related products like Medallia, Tableau, Atlassian, Hyperion, Jira, and Onetrust, and our continuous implementation of new AI tools like Freddy AI.

Incoming requests can be automatically routed, categorised, and prioritised by users by configuring ticket fields. To make it easier for your support agents to understand what state a ticket is in, users can define unique ticket statuses. 

We customise to match your organisational needs both now and in the future by using a platform that offers full customization. Your support teams can access a multitude of customization choices with apps and integrations both code and non-code by utilising open and flexible technologies.

By integrating CX data across your systems and tools, you can generate a 360-degree view of your customers thanks to our customization. This enables more individualised client support. Integrations also enable your users to expand the use cases of your CX software and do away with the requirement for agents to switch between tools to obtain the data they require.

Customer service software

The use of our platforms for customer support can be advantageous to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Customer care software can benefit teams in a variety of ways, whether they are big or small corporations. Here are some advantages to consider:

Encourage client loyalty, retention, and satisfaction

Customer service software can help your business meet the growing demand for customization, enhance customer care protocols, and empower your teams to meet performance goals like a quicker initial reaction time, which have a significant impact on your client satisfaction.

Your clients will receive a consistent experience from us across all the channels they use to interact with your company thanks to our omnichannel customer service. When contacting, today’s customers don’t want to be constrained to just one or two avenues. Being present wherever your clients are is the first step towards omnichannel marketing, ensuring that they can easily engage with you via a comfortable channel.

To provide a cohesive, all-encompassing experience, omnichannel services primarily consist of connecting disparate consumer contact pieces that are dispersed among channels. Beyond customer interaction and resolution time, omnichannel service has an impact on other areas as well.

Obtain knowledge to make wise business decisions

You can benefit greatly from the information that customer service software with analytics and reporting capabilities as well as consumer feedback channels can offer. Your management teams may see ticket queues, team bandwidth, and performance using real-time reporting dashboards and omnichannel analytics.

Your management can see where teams or individual agents are performing well and where they might need to make improvements thanks to this information. To maximise your workflows, they can also decide fast where to assign resources or make changes in real-time.

Our professionals collaborate extensively with clients to thoroughly understand their requirements. As a result, we provide tailored solutions that complement their brand and help them achieve their business objectives.

Why Multichannel Customer Experience Is Important

To stay ahead of the competition, organisations must provide a smooth and integrated experience across various channels. Throughout their journey, customers anticipate efficiency, consistency, and tailored experiences.

For multichannel experiences to be successful and guarantee a smooth consumer journey, different channels must be seamlessly integrated.

Customers’ trust and credibility can be increased by upholding consistency in branding, messaging, and service quality across all platforms.

When interactions and material are customised based on client choices and behavior, long-term relationships are promoted and engagement rises.

You can raise customer satisfaction by giving them the choice to interact via the channels of their choice.

Higher retention rates result from a smooth multichannel experience that promotes client loyalty and repeat business.

Positive and consistent interactions across channels facilitate market distinctiveness and a positive brand perception.

Our team of experts with Multichannel customer experience allows customers to interact with our clients and companies over a variety of channels such as calls, emails, chat, mobile apps, websites, etc.

The Importance of KPIs

KPIs are crucial, just like goal-setting and strategies are. It is hard to measure progress over time without KPIs. Decisions would be made based on inclinations, subjective preferences or beliefs, or other assumptions. Our KPIs will provide you with data about your company and your customers, enabling you to make well-informed and calculated decisions.

However, KPIs by themselves are not significant. The useful conclusions you draw from the data analysis are what matters. You’ll be more equipped to identify potential issues with your company and to plan strategies.

Customer service KPIs indicate whether your expectations are being met and how successful your customer service is. You may be wondering, what should be my support team’s key performance indicators.  Monitoring and measuring these KPIs will ensure your customers get what they want.

KPIs that we track to deliver top-notch Customer Service and Support include
  • SLA for Calls and Tickets(Service Level Agreement / Resolution and for First Response): Having an SLA is highly recommended. We create an SLA that every client finds satisfactory. Establish reasonable deadlines, Consider your consumers’ level of satisfaction with your services regularly. Recognize how sustainable maintaining the SLAs is for your team. Keep an eye on KPIs, Examine, evaluate, and modify
  • AHT (average handling time): Enhancing your contact center’s average handling time needs careful planning and analysis and is a multifaceted process.  You can cut an agent’s call time in half by monitoring average handle time. The slightest decrease in AHT can significantly boost your company’s bottom line by lowering expenses and labor requirements.
  • Contacts Per Ticket Ratio: Measuring leads to improvement. Additionally, you must track customer support data to enhance your customer service. These metrics offer information on the effectiveness, productivity, and calibre of work produced by your support staff.
  • Reopen rate: The open rate can provide marketers with a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of their initiatives when combined with other indicators.
  • Productivity: Your business’s productivity must be measured since it affects how competitively it can operate in the market. Improved profit margins, a higher stock price, and more shareholder value can all result from increased efficiency.
  • Accuracy Reason Code Utilization: Businesses can create and apply reason codes by first determining which important transactions or occurrences to monitor and classify, and then developing a set of uniform codes that represent the most frequent explanations for those transactions or events. 
  • CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score): CSAT scores are significant because, with minimal effort, customer service teams may examine them and obtain vital insights that have a significant impact on customer experiences. Businesses can benefit from this CX metric.

Both the client lifetime value and the cost of customer acquisition can be increased and decreased by monitoring and enhancing your KPIs related to customer care.

Reducing Costs with Affordable Solutions

We take great pride in our dedication to providing the most adaptable and cost-effective solutions while guaranteeing considerable savings. At FSP Global, we understand that your company’s top priorities when selecting an e-commerce solution provider include efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

FSP Global gives you value for your money. We work closely with our clients using a customised strategy since we recognize that every company has allocated budgets. This makes it possible for us to design specialised solutions that satisfy your particular requirements and adhere to your budget, ensuring that you will receive the highest return on investment.

Brands look for e-commerce solution suppliers with a proven track record and plenty of knowledge. We have worked with over 11 million happy customers, our organisation is present in more than 30 countries and supports over 25 languages. Our team of skilled professionals has been successfully carrying out numerous projects, delivering excellent service and outcomes because of our industry experience.

Language Capabilities Multilingual Support 

The preference that consumers frequently have for firms that speak to them in their mother tongues emphasises how crucial linguistic inclusion is to building trusting relationships with customers.

Businesses build stronger relationships with their clients when you communicate with them in the languages that they prefer. This enhances the client experience in general and facilitates the development of strong relationships. Because these customers are more likely to make repeat purchases, advocate the company, and leave positive reviews, their loyalty translates into an improved customer lifetime value. It contributes to the overall performance and profitability of the business by helping to both acquire and retain current customers.

Building relationships with people with different demographic groups by giving your agents, staff, and clients the ability to communicate in real-time with your customer’s preferred language choice is of the utmost importance. We operate in 25 languages and are committed to language diversity as this is a key aspect of our customer-centric approach.


Choosing the right e-commerce solution provider is crucial for businesses growing or starting their online business. Companies that work with us could benefit from all-inclusive solutions, a proven track record, cutting-edge technology, dedicated support, and reasonable prices.

With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, FSP Global stands as the first choice of both small or large businesses in our sector. Contact us to discuss how we can help elevate your online store to succeed in the competitive e-commerce industry.