Credit Management & Collection Service

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How we can help

Our experienced team has the necessary skills to manage credit management & collection services at high-quality standards, with reliability and daily commitment.

Through a dedicated service line, our team is active at every step, from causes of non-payment until the handling of receipts.

Our Service Includes

Phone Collection

We’ll contact your debtors with high professionalism in order to obtain the payment of the unsolved invoices.

Legal action

In case of non-collection of the payment, we can activate legal assistance for the credit recovery by consulting our professionals.

Back office for supporting fiscal activity

Should we still not collect the payment of the credit, we shall put at your disposal all the necessary documentation in order to obtain the foreseen fiscal benefits.

Data Mining and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

Our company portfolio includes clients such as:

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A custom-built customer support team, 100% dedicated to helping you grow your business & keeping your customers happy.