Multichannel Customer Service

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How we can help

The times when you could contact a company only by one channel are long gone.

We understand that customer service is not a “one size fits all solution” and that different businesses prefer different solutions for their customer care.

FSPGlobal offers a multichannel contact center which caters to its customer’s preferences and builds strategies that allow it to provide consistent levels of service across each channel.

Using our multichannel customer service your customers will be able to pick their preferred channel and can expect the same level of service across all channels.


Our Multichannel Management Systems


The telephone is one of the most popular and oldest forms of getting in touch with a company. This channel is seen by customers as the easiest way of getting something solved.


Email is the second biggest channel as nearly all businesses have an email account. It is easy for everyone to use and doesn't require much time from the consumer.

Live chat

Live chat is another customer preferred method for real-time customer service, which is quickly growing in popularity. As compared to phone it is more efficient as one agent can service several customers at a time.

Social media

Social media is the new-comer in customer care. As brands appear more and more on social media, customers take advantage of this by posting complaints and getting product and service related problems solved.

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A custom-built customer support team, 100% dedicated to helping you grow your business & keeping your customers happy.