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Our vast experience in outsourced multilingual services helps us tailor unique, custom plans for each customer.

By identifying the most effective procedures we can lower your costs, increase productivity, minimize your risk and increase your company’s profit.

Inbound Call Center

A missed phone call from a customer is a missed opportunity. We make sure that doesn’t happen with our inbound call center outsourcing service.

Our Inbound Call Services are capable of supporting with professionalism all the requirements of your company. Our inbound call center agents operate 24/7, 365 days a year and offer competitive prices, efficiency and flexibility.

Working with us, instead of a competitor, would mean huge saving for your company, as our prices are substantially lower, without any sacrifice in quality.


We operate 24/7, 365 days a year:

Worldwide Inbound Telephone Numbering

We can put at your disposal both geographical numbers and green numbers, as well as international worldwide telephone numbers.

Your contacts or your customers will dial the telephone number of the nations you are interested in (meaning the local number or numbers that we shall assign for each nation or nations that you are interested in) and both you and your clients will pay nothing, really nothing, for the international transfer of your call to your office or to our call center. That’s not a small saving!

Example: If you ask us for a telephone number from New York, your New York contact will dial your New York number and will pay only the normal small cost of a local phone call (moreover there is often no cost at all since “flat” charges are currently spreading all over the world). We will answer the phone call with no additional costs neither for the caller nor for you!

Upon request, we could make the New York numbering (that we talked about in this example) reach you in the time frame that you wish and reach us in different hours and days. Therefore, you will be able to manage incoming calls from all the world without the costs of international calls and you will not even need to pay an office in the nation/s that you are interested in.

Outbound Call Center

We understand that customer retention and customer acquisition is crucial for businesses. Using our outbound call center outsourcing services, you can stimulate interest in new or existing products or services and also reach new prospects.

Our highly qualified outbound agents are able to cater to specific customization needs so that they are perfectly integrated with your business.

We offer a large portfolio of contact and call center services including the following:


Our strength lies in our ability to offer the best customization level of services for your specific need.

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A custom-built customer support team, 100% dedicated to helping you grow your business & keeping your customers happy.