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Empower a Coherent Multichannel Customer Service Experience

Providing an excellent multichannel customer experience is a fundamental element for us at FSP Global Group. By responding to the changing customer habits, we aim at building an environment that can flawlessly handle customer expectations across various channels. 

Many organizations have started to understand that the customer service environment is changing. Indeed, organizations are already reacting to this trend and have made use of social media service channels. However, their general response to digital conversion has been to place new technology-empowered interaction paths linked to existing operational models.  We believe it is misconstruing. Companies need to change their view from mere technology deployment, to performance metrics.

The greatest sellers of tomorrow will not be decided by the number of new technologies they deploy, but how they develop their entire service operation to respond to the changing customer habits. All parts of the operating model (for example, information, people, process, technology, and channels) should be evaluated. This approach will help businesses improve customer engagement/experience and increase revenues.

Multi-channel customer experience involves building an environment that can handle customer expectations seamlessly across channels. This involves a greater level of understanding of customer habits and investments in systems and plans of action designed to service the customer. This could be how the customer communicates and transacts across channels and so on.

The motive behind multichannel interaction is that the whole experience delivered is more than its part. And in most cases, it will be hard to unfold a multichannel experience. This places an enormous premium on the back-end and front-end combination of systems and the potential to identify the customer regardless of the channel. The rules of engagement remain the same: satisfy, service, and retain. But in order to succeed in a multichannel world, data flows combined systems, cross channel visibility, analytics, customer information, and knowledge management are also required. For the next few years, we should try to keep traditional approaches running side by side with digital ones.

The ability of the company to combine both approaches and keep them working coherently will be of greatest importance to its success.

About Us

FSP GLOBAL GROUP is an international group of companies present in many countries, with its headquarters in Cluj-Napoca. FSP Global, the main company in the Group, is a leader in Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) sector and operates 24/7, 365 days a year. FSP Global provides exceptionally high-quality multichannel customer care experience and support through its call centers. FSP Global offers a wide range of services in BPO and is unique in its domain due to its impressive range of language portfolios, among which: English, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian, Czech, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Ukrainian, Kazah, Bulgarian, Albanian, Burmese, Malay, Africaans and other 10 South African languages, Hindi, Urdu, and others. It provides services for clients in more than 25 countries from 3 continents all over the world, like Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherland, Romania, Ireland, Arabic countries,  Czech Republic, Poland, Australia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Pakistan, etc.